PreK 4 Supplies

- Lunch bag or box children should be able to open and close

- Large gift bag w/handles for art work (no larger than 20 inches tall) 

- needs to stand up on its own- Backpack (no wheels) children should be able to open and close and be able to put lunch box and folder in backpack

- 1 -Crayola Crayons (8) Classic Colors - (Not jumbo)

- 1 -Crayola Markers (8) Classic Colors

- 2 -Large glue sticks Elmer’s or Scotch preferred

- Blunt Tip Fiskars Scissors—label with your child’s name (Not pointy)

- 2 inches or larger stainless-steel ring (buy at Staples to hold word cards)

- 1 -Pack of 3x5 index cards (to use at home for sight word cards)

- 1 -Container of Clorox Wipes

- 1 -Large box of tissues

- 2 -Rolls of Paper Towels 

- 1 Rest Mat (may have attached pillow and blanket)

Parents please mark every item with your child’s name including each crayon and marker. A permanent Sharpie marker works the best.