5th Grade Supplies

5th Grade Supplies

A homework planner will be supplied the first week of school.

Art supplies need to be ready for the first day of school.

Have your child’s name on each supply item.

Please label notebooks before school starts.

(crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors can be found on art supply list)

1 - lunch mat/towel for desk 
2 - large containers of anti-bacterial wipes (shared with specials' teachers) 
1- personal-sized container of hand sanitizer
2 - boxes of Kleenex (shared with specials' teachers) 
1 - roll of paper towels
1 - supply case (soft to fit in desk) 
10- #2 pencils (replenish as needed)  NO lead pencils 
2 - red pens 
10 - black or blue pens (may be erasable) (replenish needed)  NO click pens 
1 - highlighter 
2 - EXPO dry erase markers, any color (replenish as needed)
1 - pack ruled 3x5 index cards 
1 - pad of Post-it notes, size 3x3 in. (light colors) 
4 - large glue sticks (replenish as needed)
1 - 12-inch ruler
2 - packs loose-leaf paper (replenish as needed) NOT COLLEGE RULED 
1 - take-home folder (replace as needed)
7 - marble copybooks 
(math, science, social studies, religion, reading, grammar, writing) 
Notebook colors: math = yellow; science = green; religion = white;    social studies = purple; reading, writing/spelling, grammar = all Blue 

1 - two-subject spiral notebook (drills) (may be smaller in size than a regular spiral notebook) 
1 - one-subject spiral notebook (Spanish)
earbuds (to leave at school (inexpensive)) 
Contact paper as needed 
**NO white out