Alert FACE MASKS REQUIRED for week of Oct 18 to Oct 23

2nd Grade Supplies

Please mark every item with your child’s first name and last initial. A permanent Sharpie marker works the best.

A homework planner and SSS Folder will be given to students the first week of school.                

2nd Grade Supplies

1 – Box of 24 Crayons

4 – Large Glue Sticks

1 – Pack of 10 Crayola Markers

1 – Pink Block Eraser (NO NOVELTY)

1 – Pack of 12 Colored Pencils

1 – Scissors Blunt Edge

1 – Small bottle of liquid Elmer’s glue

10 - #2 pencils (sharpened)

1 – Pack of Dry erase markers

6 Marble Notebooks (1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue and 2 black and white)

2 – Black Sharpies

1 – Large Zipper pencil case or cosmetic case to hold all supplies (no boxes)

2 – Clorox Wipes

1 – Container of Wet Wipes

1 – box of Tissues

1 – Roll of Paper Towels

1 – Pair of earbuds or headphones in a bag labeled with your name

1 – Roll of Clear Contact Paper (Leave at home for covering books)

1 – Tea Towel to cover desk for lunch (pack each day in the lunch box)

If Last name begins with A – L, bring in a box of small ziplock bags

If Last name begins with M – Z, bring in a box with large ziplock bags

No white out/no wheels on backpacks/no mechanical pencils/no pencil sharpeners.
No squinkies, please!