Parent Volunteering

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is committed to providing quality, healthy ministry for all persons, particularly for our children and youth.

All volunteers are required to complete VIRTUS screening and training.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are a member of St. Stephen Parish or someone who lives nearby and you wish to volunteer, welcome! Please contact one of our volunteer coordinators for more information. (Find the HSA member information here) 

Service Hour Program 

To our returning families, we extend our sincere thanks for your time and efforts on our previous endeavors. We hope we can once again call on you to share your talents not only to support our efforts but to engage and mentor new families.

To our new families, we are pleased to welcome you. Not only will your participation benefit your child(ren) and contribute to the ongoing success of the school community, but it is also a means of making new friends, sharing mutual experiences and having fun!

The Service Hour Program card school year is available below. Please use this card to record the service hours your family has completed. Volunteers may include parents/guardians, older brothers/sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends who do not have children in the school. The student who attends St. Stephen cannot receive credit for service.

Each family (Pre-K-8) will be required to contribute 20 hours of service during the school year.

Service Hour Program Card: The card with hours entered must be completed by May 31 to receive final credit.

School Activities: A one-hour credit will be given for each hour served for activities such as being teacher aides, babysitting during Home/School Meetings, and helping with school pictures. Volunteers for certain activities must be committed to working the full school calendar year in order to receive credit. NO CREDIT HOURS ARE GIVEN FOR ATTENDING A FIELD TRIP.

Home/School Association Fundraisers: Chairpersons of any fundraiser will receive the full Service Hour Program credit of 20 hours.

Special Projects: Service Hour Program Credit will also be given for your help with special projects for the school.

Parish Activities: Five hours total per family will be given for leadership participation in parish activities such as Scout Leaders, Soccer Coaches, Soccer Council representatives, Youth Ministry Volunteers, and lectors. Credit for participation in these activities may total only five hours per family for each program year.