Faculty & Staff

It is the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!

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Mary Patrick Principal


Kristine Allen 4th Grade Teacher kallen@ssschool.org
Jessica Antonacci Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Jantonacci@ssschool.org
Rose Baroody English and Language Arts  rbaroody@ssschool.org
Teda Behr PreK4 Instructional Assistant tbehr@ssschool.org
Linda Boschert Music & Spanish Teacher lboschert@ssschool.org
Laura Brockmeyer English and Language Arts/Math lbrockmeyer@ssschool.org
Nicole Campbell 5th Grade Teacher ncampbell@ssschool.org
Nancy Dalina Math/Science ndalina@ssschool.org
Maureen Davies Physical Education mdavies@ssschool.org
Veda Diegel 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant vdiegel@ssschool.org
Andrea Frazier PreK3 Teacher afrazier@ssschool.org
Valentina Hampson Math/Science vhampson@ssschool.org
Danielle Hart 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant dhart@ssschool.org
Julia Hergenroeder3rd Grade Teacher jhergenroeder@ssschool.org
Kathleen Hurley 6th Grade Teacher khurley@ssschool.org
Alexis Jackson PreK3 Instructional Assistant/PM Enrichment Teacher ajackson@ssschool.org
Deborah Liberto 2nd Grade Teacher dliberto@ssschool.org
Julie McMahon Math jmcmahon@ssschool.org
Deborah Mirabile Kindergarten Teacher dmirabile@ssschool.org
Kerry Rand 7th Grade Teacher krand@ssschool.org
Kathy Schucker 8th Grade Teacherkschucker@ssschool.org
Martha Spangler Art/Math Teacher mspangler@ssschool.org
Stacey Sydlik 1st Grade Instructional Assistant ssydlik@ssschool.org
Susan Tobias Math/STEM stobias@ssschool.org
Melenie Woods PreK4 Teacher mwoods@ssschool.org
Ashley Yuen 1st Grade Teacher ayuen@ssschool.org
Laura Zavodny Reading Teacher lzavodny@ssschool.org

Support Staff

Bob Melewski Business Manager rmelewski@archbalt.org
Ginni Zachmeier Admissions Director gzachmeier@ssschool.org
Kathy Arbutus Admin. Assistant karbutus@ssschool.org
Brittany Baird Director of Advancement bbaird@ssschool.org
Mary Tabassi, R.N. School Nurse mtabassi@ssschool.org
Rob Baranoski Facilities Manager rbaranoski@ssschool.org
Andrea Burke Guidance Counselor aburke@ssschool.org
Mary Barron After Care Director mbarron@ssschool.org