Alert School Closed, Remote Learning Instruction on January 20th due to inclement weather. FACE MASKS REQUIRED for week of Jan 17 to Jan 22

Faculty & Staff

It is the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!

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Rev. George Gannon Pastor
Rev. Paul Breczinski Associate Pastor
Terrance Golden Principal
Susan Tobias Assistant Principal
Mary McKernan Advancement & Admissions


Kristine Allen 4th Grade Teacher
Jessica Antonacci Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Rose Baroody 7th Grade Teacher/ English and Language Arts
Mary Barron 4th/5th Grade Instructional Assistant
Faith Behr 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant
Teda Behr Catechist
Linda Boschert English and Language Arts/Music
Linda Botts 1st Grade Instructional Assistant
Laura Brockmeyer English and Language Arts/Math
Nicole Campbell 5th Grade Teacher
Nancy Dalina Math/Science/Technology
Jeannine Durkin PreK-4 Instructional Assistant
Kathy Flannery Library & Technology
Andrea Frazier PreK4 Teacher
Koren Grimes PreK4 Instructional Assistant
Rebecca Hollifield 3rd Grade Teacher
Alexis Jackson Instructional
Deborah Liberto 2nd Grade Teacher
Gina Metallo  Drama
Emily McGeady Art Teacher
Julie McMahon Math
Deborah Mirabile Kindergarten Teacher
Lori Olivi Science
Jennifer Olkowski Math
Christina Polsinelli Gym Teacher
Margarita Quezada  Spanish Teacher
Kerry Rand 8th Grade Teacher
Stacey Sydlik 5th Grade Instructional Assistant
Kristen Tirocchi 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant
Erin Thamert Band Instructor
Melenie Woods PreK4 Teacher
Ashley Yuen 1st Grade Teacher
Laura Zavodny Reading Teacher

Administrative Staff

Bob Melewski Business Manager
Mary Tabassi, R.N. School Nurse
Shannon Anoia Administrative
Judy Bush
Lynn Kapusinski School Counselor
Rob Baranoski Facilities Manager
Josh Phillips Facilities Manager Assistant