Scholarship Winners!

The Gilbert and Alta Mae Boschert Memorial Scholarship Award

Gilbert J. Boschert possessed an inventive mind, strong work ethic, and generous heart.  He built and played many musical instruments sharing his musical talents with others and giving instruments to his children and grandchildren.  As a builder he donated his time to myriad community service endeavors and as a teacher he taught others to do the same.

Alta Mae Boschert exhibited a caring spirit, witty sense of humor, and strong devotion to God, family, and community.  An imaginative artist and empathic listener, she instilled in her children and grandchildren confidence to pursue ambitious goals, inspiring them to maximize their talents.  Her family cherishes the optimism and wisdom she conveyed in conversation as well as the letters she would write them when they traveled far from home. 

The Gilbert and Alta Mae Boschert Memorial Scholarship Award commemorates and celebrates their lives and perpetuates their Christian values and generosity.  The award is given to a student who excels in academics and the arts.  Most importantly this student possesses a strong work ethic and demonstrates a selfless commitment to serving God, family, and the community.

The award is presented to 7th grader, Talia Maria. Talia has made 1st honors every trimester throughout middle school and has been a student at St. Stephen since PreK.  She has been a member of the school chorus since 3rd grade . Talia has also had starring roles in the drama production last year and this year.  Talia has a servant’s heart by offering to lead tours for families at Open House events, altar serving at Mass for the parish, and always lending a helping hand for various events.  She plays on several St. Stephen athletic teams.  Talia served as a student council representative in the 6th grade and served on the Student Council as the Historian for the 2017-2018 school year.  Most recently, Talia has been elected as Student Council President for the 2018-2019 school. Additionally, Talia is a member of the National Junior Honor Society. It is our honor to announce Talia Maria as the well-rounded student to receive this award. 

The Marlene Rutkowski Montano Scholarship

The School Board announced the creation of this academic scholarship for our 5th grade students continuing in our Middle School. The Marlene Rutkowski Montano Scholarships are traditionally two (2) $2,500 awards for Grades 6, 7, and 8 that will be presented to the two students with the highest grades in our current 5th grade. Families of these students must be members of St. Stephen Parish and the scholarship must be used at St. Stephen School.  We are awarding the scholarship awards to the following students:

Drew Miller

Elizabeth O’Brien