New School Logo

St. Stephen, the first martyr, courageously died for his faith in Jesus Christ, as recounted in the Acts of the Apostles. The crown of martyrdom that Stephen received remains an important element of our Christian faith, so we proudly feature it in our logo.  The Maroon and Gold colors are reminiscent of our school seal as well as the parish’s 150th logo released in 2013.  The Celtic cross and roof’s peak mirror our beautiful church façade, which stands as the hallmark of the St. Stephen campus.  Over time, families have fondly referred to our school as ‘SSS’, an acronym for St. Stephen School.  Our tagline of Faith, Values, and Education will be featured occasionally in the Grey in order to maintain the tradition that has been used in school materials.  As St. Stephen proudly celebrates its 85th anniversary, we believe that our new logo blends together our legacy as well as the modern education that children receive in the 21st century.