85th Anniversary Celebration

On September 8, 1931, St. Stephen School opened its doors for the first time!  During this school year, we mark our 85th anniversary!  

A former pastor, Fr. John Fannon, purchased our first school bus in 1929 in order to transport 52 students (23 boys and 29 girls) who began attending St. Margaret School in Bel Air.  In July 1930, Fr. T. Vincent Fitzgerald replaced Fr. Fannon, and the plans for the construction of a school of our own proceeded in earnest.  The 1930-1931 school year saw 77 St. Stephen children attending St. Margaret’s School while logistics were being worked out for a school of our own.  Fr. Fitzgerald contacted the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, who readily agreed to expand their field of mission to St. Stephen.  At an expense of $22,735.18, both the school and a convent for the sisters were completed.  The 1931-1932 school year opened on September 8, 1931, to 144 children separated into 4 classrooms in 1st – 8th grade.  The formal opening was complete on December 13th of that same year when Archbishop Curley arrived to administer the sacrament of confirmation.  During that visit, he also blessed the school and dedicated the convent.  Archbishop Curley was a great supporter of Catholic education, overseeing the establishment of sixty-six schools in the Archdiocese including our own!  He once declared, “I defy any system of grammar school education in the United States to prove itself superior to the system that is being maintained in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.”